By deliberately introducing flora and fauna, adventurous pre-historic humans transformed the environment of previously-isolated islands. Pristine nature does not exist a long time ago. However, the unknown does exist. Nature is, above all, an enigma. As a venturesome reflection upon the notion of conservation of natural ecosystems, Dark Paradise engages with scientific research to artistically address unidentified site-specific cases at restricted spots in the Pacific Ocean.

The project takes the form of an expedition to two active volcanoes located in an access-prohibited zone of the Galapagos National Park. Not far from the areas where dozens of Chinese ships illegally fish protected sharks, the first location is called Roca Redonda. Here we explore an active underwater volcano where mysterious species of corals inexplicably emerge from its bubbling caldera. The second site is the crater of the Wolf Volcano on Isabela Island. This elusive site is very difficult to reach due to the lack of trails and its extremely wild vegetation. It is also the native home of the critically endangered pink iguana, a separate species distinct from all known land lizards.

Addressing biological emergency and volcanic activity as a hotspot for speculative questions, upon the craters and deep in the ocean, infinite answers await us. An active volcano has the potential to change reality, it is the natural embodiment of a contained force that may erupt an unknown future. Searching for the pink iguana is an inquiry into the origin of color and, in consequence, on the origin of differentiation and discrimination. Dark Paradise is a journey of discovery in the depths and through color.

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Production trip to above and underwater volcanoes
Scuba Diving
Pre-production of artworks

Research reunions and laboratory sessions related to underwater bacteria and corals

Science & Art encounters
Academic workshops: Sustainable and space Architecture, biology and future resources

Opening Party
Sound/Music Performances
Art Installations
Public presentations


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